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How are my fees and expenses determined?

Why do I need help in filing an insurance claim?

Why can’t my insurance agent or broker handle my claim?

What is insurance bad faith?

What can I recover in a case of insurance bad faith?

If my insurance claim is small, will it cost me more to pursue the claim than I can recover?

What should I do if my insurance company denies my claim?

Can I appeal a claim denial?

My insurance company has agreed to pay the claim but has offered me a significantly lower amount than I think I am entitled to. Is there anything I can do about this?

I have purchased my insurance policy and paid all of the premiums. I had to make a claim due to a loss and the insurance company told me they will not pay because there was a mistake on the application. What can I do to recover my claim?

What are examinations under oath and why are they dangerous?

Will my policy be cancelled if I file a claim?

Can you handle my case if it is out of state?

Do I have to pay attorneys’ fees if I sue my insurance company?

Will my rates increase if I sue my insurance company?

Does the insurance company have my best interests in mind?


My company has been sued in a lawsuit alleging defective construction. Is defective construction covered in my insurance policy?

What is errors and omissions insurance?

How does an umbrella insurance policy work?

When reporting losses to my insurance company, should I include all damage, even if it was not caused by the hazard that produced or caused the loss, or otherwise inflate the loss?



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